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I'm Kevin Mai, also known as "Teenplayer84" (though I don't really like the name anymore). I self-taught myself how to animate since age 11. I'll be gladly to help anyone who want to learn Flash as long as I'm credit.

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Teenplayer84's News

Posted by Teenplayer84 - May 25th, 2009

Finally it's done...

All mouse...tablet would've been easier, but I don't have one..

I'll take question now

Posted by Teenplayer84 - April 5th, 2009

It is finally OUT!



Now for my status on animation
I'm starting to animate again after a very long break!
No actually, I still need to take a break....but yesterday I put sometime into Super Street Brother 5!

Okay...maybe I'm not really motivated in animating, but I was contemplating of my next projects...which is something at least....

Posted by Teenplayer84 - February 22nd, 2009

/* */
Because temperature affect our daily life, I haven't been animating. It's too cold XD.

But it's the same animation still in progress:

-"Super Street Brother 5"
-Game Trailer

As for "Jet Set Radio" and "RO: Tales of Golden Heart", Jet Set Radio definitely be in work during the Summer. RO:Tales of Golden Heart will probably remade, when I have time.

As for the Crew/Company, I decided on two names and I won't start recruiting and giving out information until the game trailer is release.

For 3D animation, I'm getting there.
Again, it is the temperature that is making me not wanting to animate XD.
Randomness Collab and Mini-Game Collab FTW! (Can't wait)

Posted by Teenplayer84 - January 2nd, 2009

Here's the real 100% truth of what's happening now:

Robotics competition along with school work is keeping me quite busy, but as current projects(flash animation) there are:

-A game trailer
-Super Street Brother 5

But I'm probably going to continue to learn how to 3d animate
As for collabs:
-Still waiting for the Randomness Collab
-Mr.Randomist is keeping me busy with the MiniGame Collab
-I am too busy to work on Zookyman's Collab (so Zooky you just have to wait)

As for my Moderators and etc..I have a list of name but I want to get more names in...So typed them in

Posted by Teenplayer84 - November 30th, 2008

Okay okay..where to start?

I'm doing several collabs:

-Randomness Collab
-Mini Games Collab
-Kakashi Collab (Just helping out)

Project I'm "working" on:
-A game trailer
-Super Street Brother p.5

Uh...for the game trailer...I'm thinking about putting a team of artist,voice actor, and coders tohelp make the game...but the game itself is nonprofitable (just little you guys know)

I'm not going to details that much, because I haven't release the trailer yet.....and for the other series....It's going be awhile.....

Enjoy yourself with this horrible video I made:

/* */

Posted by Teenplayer84 - November 11th, 2008

I may be "noob" and my work isn't great, but it doesn't mean I can't teach the basic of Flash that allows my students create w.e they want...

I'm posting this up, because..I kinda feel like my credit is being stolen or I'm not given enough credit...or maybe I'm just greedy...but anyway

My Students:

I'm pretty sure I have more...but these are the animator that are on Newgrounds...and I'm still happy to help/teach anyone who wants to learn how to animate. (I can't do much Action Script, but I can lecture and tells techniques of animating..though my dying hands can't really do)

So...just PM, IM , or email me if you want to learn or learn something more...

Posted by Teenplayer84 - November 2nd, 2008

yeah...I'm a director too

And I'm currently working on a film, "The Locker"
(will be posted on youtube)

Everything is going well, except for schedule...The Actors are always busy, but besides that we have a great fight choreographer and a free runner

And yeah...

Posted by Teenplayer84 - August 19th, 2008

Yeah...I'm going to make an AMV (Animation Music Video)

This will help me in fbf and let me test out some other stuff....

right now it's really good practice

and I believe it will be my longest animation since it is about 3 min...

Posted by Teenplayer84 - August 10th, 2008

Now that my trailer is out, I can work on other projects...which mean new series that I never even mention.....or maybe even a game....

Posted by Teenplayer84 - April 8th, 2008

(My first non-sprite animation...sweet)

Yo, Teenplayer84 here and updating you about my "Jet Set Radio" series.

Since there isn't much ppl looking forward to it...I'm going to make a trailer to encourage people to take part or lookiing forward to the series.

I already started animating the trailer and im pretty sure I'm half-way done..

So keep an eye out there!

Jet Set Radio Trailer