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Language Barrier Language Barrier

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Love it

This is amazing..
I can relate to this a lot

:The Human Condition: :The Human Condition:

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Just like my head!


anyway to the seriousness...a heart lost at sea...the sinking feeling in which we all have, but heart might be drowning, so are we becoming lost and Heartless?

A blazing fire in the medow, our once peaceful mind turns into disasters...and then covered with industrials invention, destroy all natural things to increase our advancement...hmm

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Annika Annika

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This is so awesome!

Al Al

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He's one cool guy

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Trick and Treat Trick and Treat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a good friend

"Best friends forever"

Crystal May Crystal May

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God dam!

it's like i can feel the texture of her hair

Fusion Fusion

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I like it!


Maybe you can improve it with more splashing "paint" XD

Little Fish Little Fish

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Wish we have a fish like that


Neon lights! Nice Fishy!

Goku SSJ Goku SSJ

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This art work is over 9000!

Skull Skull

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey..I that program...=D

pretty cool

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Ninja-Walrus responds:

Thanks! It's a pretty awesome program. It's kinda difficult though. =/